Bombastus digitalizes its processes

Bombastus digitalizes its processes

January 2018 | Projects

Manufacturer for natural remedies has upgraded to the latest version 6.1 of GUS-OS Suite

By upgrading its ERP system, Bombastus Werke AG has completely digitalized its business processes. The company now has a continuous process control, especially for the production, quality assurance and packaging of active pharmaceutical ingredients and products. Bombastus Werke AG uses the basic ERP system of GUS-OS Suite, which mainly includes materials management, purchasing, production, sales, quality control, warehouse management and maintenance. The company has also implemented the laboratory module as well as modules for quality management, finance and planning.

Adaptations Made Easy

Thanks to the new process designer of GUS-OS Suite, Bombastus Werke AG is now able to digitalize its processes much easier and already uses them for internal processes. Version 6.1 offers inheritable metadata and completely redesigned user interface elements. In addition, all new formats can be integrated into the so-called “management centers” of GUS OS Suite. “This means that we can now implement individual customer requirements much easier than before. And in general, our processes can be adapted more flexibly to changing requirements,” says Ulrich Brodkorb, Member of the Executive Board at Bombastus Werke AG.

Focus on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Further arguments for Bombastus Werke AG to introduce the new version 6.1 of GUS OS Suite were the high requirements of the company due to the “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP). The GMP includes guidelines for the quality assurance of production processes and environments in the production of drugs and active ingredients. GUS-OS Suite supports Bombastus Werke AG in meeting the GMP requirements with the help of an established QA system as well as a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

With GUS-OS Suite 6.1 we have taken a decisive step into the new digital age. Since the solution consistently maps and digitalizes our most important business processes, it makes it easy for us to quickly and easily consider changes of customers, in the market or within the company.

Ulrich Brodkorb

Member of the Executive Board, Bombastus Werke AG

“Step into the digital age”

“We are pleased that 10 years after the initial introduction of GUS-OS Suite, Bombastus has continued to digitalize the company with our latest version 6.1,” adds Ekkehard Ziesche, Managing Director for existing customers at GUS Deutschland GmbH. “Despite the company’s very high quality requirements in the pharmaceutical sector, we were able to carry out and complete the actual release upgrade within one and a half years. An important factor for the successful and on schedule go live was above all the agile approach in the project as well as the positive and constructive cooperation of the project teams of Bombastus and GUS.”

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