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Dentalpoint AG Successfully Introduces GUS-OS Suite

July 2018 | New Customer

Quickly Close to the Standard

Dentalpoint AG will produce its ZERAMEX® product line, a metal-free all ceramic implant system, in future at its own plant in Spreitenbach, Swit-zerland. The manufacturer of dental implants has taken this as an opportunity to introduce a new ERP system that maps production and quality management as well as other business processes. Dentalpoint AG decided to implement
GUS-OS Suite of the GUS Group.

The Swiss leader in technology decided in favor of the GUS Group due to the expertise of the ERP provider in medical technology.

For us it was not only a matter of controlling our business processes con-sistently and flexibly, but also of mapping the national and European requirements of the Medical Devices Act and above all of ISO13485. We have been convinced by the long term experience of the GUS Group.

Philip Bolleter

Head of Technology Department, Dentalpoint AG

Implementation with GUS QuickStart

GUS-OS Suite was implemented in several steps. First, Dentalpoint intro-duced the classic business modules such as purchasing, sales and order management. This was followed by the modules production planning/control (PPC), quality management (QM), personnel time recording (PTR) and machine and production data acquisition (MDA/ PDA). The manufacturer of dental implants opted for GUS QuickStart – a fast implementation method in which the company largely adopts the standard functionalities of the ERP software. Individual adaptations are the exception.

“In addition to the QuickStart method, the concurrent license model of GUS also helps us to keep our costs under control,” says Bolleter. “This means that not all potential users are counted, but only those users who are actually working with the system at the moment. In this way we save about a third of our license costs.”

Expansion to German Sales Subsidiary

After a project term of one year, the software is successfully used since February 2018. The next step is to introduce the module for financial accounting and to extend the ERP solution to the German sales subsidiary. “We are very pleased that the project at Dentalpoint went so smoothly,” says Jörg Magerl, Managing Director of GUS Switzerland. “Above all, we are happy that all customer requirements could be realized in the standard system and that the requirements have been fully implemented in a validated environment.

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