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Supplying Markets with Foodstuffs Fast

ERP for the Food Industry

Different as companies in the food and drink industry may be, they must get their business processes right if they are to be more than a match for the pressure of competition and the dynamics of procurement and sales markets. Transparent cost management and high product quality are needed.

High Process and Product Quality with Optimized Cost Structures

This is where the GUS-OS Suite kicks in. Be it in milk production, meat products , fast food, deep-frozen products, biscuits or fruit, the GUS-OS Suite already incorporates many best practice processes as a result of over 35 years of project experience in the food business and can be configured individually. Furthermore, the standard version fulfills many specific food industry requirements, such as

  • A product pass, including declaration of allergens, ingredients, etc.
  • Multi-stage formula administration with version management
  • Condition management and billing with food retailers (EDI, bonuses, discounts, etc.)
  • Product development
  • Formula calculation with flexible contribution marghin schemes
  • Packaging version management
  • Batch analyses at all levels
  • Batch documentation and multi-stage proof of batch origin and utilization
  • Integrated corporate planning that synchronizes sales, production, procurement, and financial planning
Mapping of All Industry Standards and Foodstuff Regulations

The requirements of Germany’s Foodstuffs Information Regulations (LMIV) are fulfilled end to end by automatic compilation of lists of ingredients (declaration), including allergen information, at the product level. The GUS-OS Suite also complies with industry standards like BRC, IFS, or the corresponding EU regulations on traceability, food information, or packaging.


  • Recipe administration
  • Recipe calculation
  • Food logistics
  • Batch reservation
  • Management of contracts with food retailers
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