GUS-OS Digital Hub: Entry into the Digital Transformation


Speed up the Digital Transformation with GUS-OS Digital Hub.

GUS-OS Digital Hub – What is it?

With the GUS-OS Digital Hub, selected services and functions of the GUS-OS Suite can be communicated externally and feedback can be received while at the same time maintaining control over sensitive master data or transaction data.

The new service combines selected data and processes of the ERP system with machines, mobile users, external IT systems or cloud services all over the world. There is no need for expensive integration solutions. It does not matter whether the GUS-OS Suite is operated locally in your own data center or in the cloud.

Your Advantage

  • Smart entry into Digital Transformation
  • Fast integration of processes for customers and partners
  • High flexibility in selecting the ERP functions and processes to be released due to simple parameterization
  • Fast realization of integration advantages outside the company
  • Economic implementation


Integration of suppliers into business processes
  • Feedback delivery dates
  • Feedback batch numbers
  • Feedback and notification quantities
Integration of contract manufacturers into business process
  • Executing consumption and receipt postings
  • Reporting batch qualities (> laboratory results)
  • General exchange of the order status
Integration of customers into business process
  • Decentralized forecast recording
  • Information retrieval order status / batches
  • Substitution of EDI interfaces
Connection of mobile employees
  • Access to KPIs on the move
  • Order release sales manager
  • Connection of the field staff to retrieve customer data or create visit reports
  • Service technicians – mobile recording of activity reports, documentation e. g. by uploading pictures
  • Mobile data acquisition in the warehouse
Using cloud services
  • BI
  • Predictive Analytics, e. g. for predictive evaluation of machine data
  • Big Data
Connection of external systems
  • Customs
  • Online shops
  • IoT Devices / Bots
Connection of devices and machines
  • Reading of measurement data from scales
  • Data exchange with laboratory equipment
  • Posting incoming pallets via production machines
  • Production feedback via packaging machines
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