Successful Career Start

Successful career start

Internships – A sideline that is right in the thick of it

Have you got off to a successful start in your studies and already gained initial job experience, preferably in software development? Then we look forward to your application for a longer-term internship or a position as a student trainee stating the skills you have already acquired and the area in which you might work at GUS.

We are looking for interships in following areas:

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree theses

We also offer you the opportunity to write your practice-oriented Bachelor’s or Master’s degree thesis in collaboration with GUS. Possible subject areas might be the following:

  • Design requirements of software products from the customer’s viewpoint
  • Service management for enterprise IT solutions that require explanation
  • Development of entry strategies for new market segments in the IT industry

You are more than welcome to suggest to us a specific subject for a thesis.

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