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To ensure that our customers continue to be delighted with our spirit of innovation and our quality we are always ready to extend a cordial welcome to team players with experience and know-how who enjoy our kind of work. At GUS challenging tasks await you along with first-rate training, an open and personal work atmosphere, ample scope for shaping your work and a great deal of pleasure in going about it.

You will be working alongside people with remarkable talents and wide-ranging interests, people who are a pleasure to be with – both during and after work. So that you can make your personal contribution fast, mentors, colleagues and superiors will be at your side from the outset – people who are happy to share their knowledge and who will accompany and support you as you find your feet with us and in your personal development. As we are constantly learning more and developing, we aim to support you continuously and to help you achieve your career targets. There are many opportunities to take on new tasks and assume more responsibility.

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Tatjana Popp
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