GUS Group Presents GUS-OS Digital Hub

GUS Group Presents GUS-OS Digital Hub at CeBIT 2017

februar 2017 | Generel, Ny kunde

Speed up your digital transformation!

‘Speed up your digital transformation’ is the slogan the GUS Group has chosen for the presentation, amongst other products at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, of the GUS-OS Digital Hub. With this new service, users of the GUS-OS Suite ERP solution can communicate selected services and functionalities with third parties without surrendering control over master data or transaction data. And it doesn’t matter whether the ERP application is run locally at your own data center or in the cloud.

Megatrends like Industry 4.0, Mobile Computing, Big Data, or Artificial Intelligence ensure that IT landscapes and workplaces undergo radical changes. Increased cross-enterprise collaboration in particular is forcing companies to adapt their communication structures accordingly and to digitize them. The GUS-OS Digital Hub provides assistance. It enables GUS-OS Suite users to network their processes digitally with people and machines around the world without needing to invest in costly integration projects.

Here’s how it works. With a graphic interface users can configure a REST interface that is then published in the cloud as a digital hub service by just pushing a button. Authorized users or partners can then use the service. Communication with machines runs along similar lines. Machines can, for example, be connected with a GUS-OS Suite Digital Hub maintenance service. If the machine’s sensors report an error or an imminent outage, a maintenance order is immediately launched in the ERP system via the Hub.

Focus on security

The GUS Group has paid special attention to the new digitization tool’s security. The Digital Hub knows only the metadata for its service. Neither user information nor master or transaction data are stored in the cloud. And communication between the external user or a machine and the Digital Hub Service is encrypted.

CeBIT: Hall 5, Booth D 16 (11 + 12)

You will find the GUS Group in the Trovarit AG ERP Park, Hall 5, Booth D 16 (11 +12), where leading ERP providers are presenting their business management software solutions and services.

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